Monday, June 13, 2011


I did a bunch of sketches today and over the weekend!  More sketches and naked ladies after the jump!

This is an ink sketch of The Question.  I have these tonal markers I never use and over the weekend I finally got a chance to check them out.  After several semi-successful sketches I have pledged to use them on stuff more often. 

A toned sketch of Zao the Thief from my Dumgens and Draggins © series.

I started out wanting to do Ms. Marvel but I couldn't quite remember how the costume went. I was close except for shorter gloves and boots.

I went to NYC gaming meet-up and I was running out of cards, so I decided to sketch new ones. But after a couple I realized A) it took too long and B) I liked them too much to give them away!
Seriously, what's up with that guy?! 

Then I did a couple of cartoony super hero sketches.  I haven't really flexed those cartoony superheroic muscles in awhile.
 I love the Moon Knight! There can never be enough Moon Knight!

 And who doesn't love Power Girl? Nazi's and people who enjoy sensible clothing, that's who!

 These are from today, sketches of Gina Lollobrigida!
This is a slightly more cartoonized version of the model; I wanted to see how well I could exaggerate her features. I must remember to exaggerate extremer to the extreme next time!

Also I did a quick sketch of the library steps:

Other stuff: I've decided to break down and finally try inking with a nib pen and ink! The tried and true old fashioned way! Hopefully I will get to play with it this week.  I might even be so adventurous as to try inking and water-coloring on the same piece! MADNESS I TELL YOU!

Also, I have a review of Midnight in Paris over at Sketched Screenings!  You should take a look! I will also have a Super 8 review up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when and what I decide to sketch. It's hard because I can't sketch the monster and give it away, but I have ideas. 

Also also, I should be starting something else cool this week, if I have time. It's his time, he needs more of it.

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