Wednesday, June 27, 2012

People on the subway

Hey all! Here's a quick update of doodles and things.

 Random people in cartoon form I saw in the city. But Josh, I hear you saying, did you sketch random people on the street? No silly I took pictures and drew them later of course!

And here are some cartoony sketches having to do with my next inking comic.

Also I recently reviewed Brave on Sketched Screenings. I liked it! I did a quick ink and wash of Merida.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Catwoman Storyboards 1

Hey! I have storyboards from storyboarding class! Well roughs.  The assignment was to take 1 minute from a song and board a story to the words, so I of course took the first part of Abba's Money Money Money and storyboarded a story of Catwoman robbing a jewelry store.  The obvious choice would have been to do "Mama Mia" with Batman and Joker but this just turned out better(not that I'm putting that out of my mind!).  Here are some character designs for Selina and the storyboard roughs!

Monday, June 18, 2012

ink and wash

Hey guys. Haven't had a post in awhile because I've been busy! I'm taking classes again! One in Inking and one in Storyboarding.  I'll have more to post on the storyboarding class later, but for now, I have some stuff to show off from my Inking class!

Our first assignment was to do a one-page comic with ink wash. I've been wanting to do a "Professor Malceor: Necromancer of the Subway Station" comic for awhile and thought this was a good excuse.  I think this came out pretty good for my first Ink Wash, though I'm still trying to find the best brushes. After the jump, how I planned it out, more inking work, and other stuff!