Thursday, June 16, 2011

spidey sketches

So I've been practicing with my markers like I swore to myself I would and did some spiderman sketches! It's a really weird feeling, I rarely ever do fan art.  Even as a kid I had this thing about not wanting to copy other people's work.  It's weird having to look up reference and wondering if your style is going to work with the character.  I must do more if it!  I think the last time I sketched spidey was in college.

Kinda messed up the right forearm a bit with the webs, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.  Man, no wonder I don't do spidey that often...SO...MANY...WEBS.

Next up, my personal favorite, VENOM! Man, when's the last time I drew Venom? What a travesty that is! This is obviously the pumped up Eddy Brock version, which works pretty well with my style.  Honestly, I think even a year ago I wouldn't have been able to draw this freehand.

And Black Cat! I felt I needed to draw a female. I like the perspective, and I need to do more leather studies. LEATHER EVERYWHERE.

Also, I vectorized those animals I'm planning on animating:

I'm really happy with the character designs of both of them.  I want to experiment with flash art more, possibly doing stuff with less line work.  I would do more shading, but I don't know how long the actual animation will be, so I'll hold that off until I know I have time. 

Also also, there's a new Book of the Barber page over at Rocket Powered Dragon!  Go check it out now!

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