Monday, August 25, 2014

sketch dump 8/25: chubby super heroines

Hey it's Monday! Here are some new sketches!
So the other day I wanted to draw a heavy lady character AND a superhero, but I couldn't think of any so I just drew a bunch of chubby superheroines and villains. Check 'em out and more after the jump!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

sketch dump: Spider-Gwen, Black Manta, and more villains

Oh whoops it's TUESDAY well anyways here's a bunch of super rad sketches!
I finally drew Spider-Gwen! I should draw more Spider-folk. Some cool villains and more after the jump!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beating Online Harassment

Oh hey, remember that online harassment comic I was making? Here it is! Hope you enjoy!
I mean this is a revenge fantasy comic, but seriously, shit like this needs to stop. I am super tired of hearing from my female colleagues that they get abuse heaps on them for writing any kind of article. That is NOT OK. Don't do it, and if you see it happening, tell them to cut that shit out and report them. We as a people and as an industry need to stop this.

But hey, this is just a dumb comic. Better people than me have written about this, like this great article by Laura Hudson. Go read that.

See you next week!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Figure Drawing And other stuff(slightly NSFW)

Hey it's Monday! I've got some figure drawings to show off!
These were all done with ink only, specifically a brush pen and a ballpoint pen. Obviously this stuff is kind of NSFW. More stuff after the jump!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Online harassment comic sketches

I need to make a comic page for a class, and I decided to make a comic about female bodybuilder beating up a scrawny MRA dude because of online harassment for...what should be pretty obvious reasons. Anyways, here are some character sketches that I think came out pretty good!

I have the comic mostly done and should have it up by next week, if not sooner. What do you think?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Sketch dump 8/04

Hey hey it's Monday! More sketches!
First off: Hercules Poirot! HERCULES. POIROT. How has no one done this mash-up?! I WILL DO THIS. I WILL CARRY THIS BURDEN. Maybe like 2 people will get this joke.

I was on a Misty Knight kick and drew a bunch of Misty Knights! Why is the Misty Knights not some sort or sports team? Anyways, more sketches after the jump!

I like the idea of a Misty Knight with a giant robot arm that turns into a giant cannon or something.

 Hey look I drew Fire from the DC universe!
Oh hey, then I drew Nova from Marvel! What no what do you mean they look alike they're completely diff-

And then I sketched some classic Guardians Gamora and Drax. That there Guardians of the Galaxy movie is pretty great.

And finally a quick Scott Pilgrim.

Last week I had two new one-hour one-shots on Dime-Store Noir! Stranger Danger and Vroom Vroom, which is also my first car chase comic and think came out pretty good.

Also last week, I reviewed Hercules, which I generally enjoyed but now I feel bad recommending after this story came out, and also Young Avengers, which I unequivocally loved and you should definitely pick up immediately. So go read those!
See you soon with more stuff!