Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking Back

You guys! I just found all these old drawings from when I was a kid, and I need to show them to you. You think I make some crazy shit now?! Look at this stuff!

Was anyone else obsessed with that one Bearenstein Bears book about space grizzlies? No? Just me? Ok then.

Because, yeah. Weirdman. Why the hell not?

All my characters had that same pose. I don't even know what he's doing there. Is he flipping you off and waving at the same time?

This was back when I was dead set on being a toy inventor. I would draw out toy designs all the time, especially transformers. Transformers everywhere all the time!

The new transformers line. You're welcome, Hasbro.

Because girls need toys too and junk. Get that bitch a Polly Pocket. Bitches love Polly Pockets.

A chameleon, AND a raptor! WHAT. Don't blame Beast Wars, blame Beast Machines.

Even with transforming instructions!

Ok, he's a fireguy, that's cool...

Ok, just what the hell is going on here?

When I was a kid I was flippin' obsessed with chameleons. If there was ever chameleon transformer, I would have had a child heart attack.

Just give it a second to sink in what I did there...your mind is now broken.

That's right, because you're not a supergroup unless you have a bunch of animal themed robots that form into a giant robot.

And finally, Spiderman! In color! WITH PERSPECTIVE! I musta been trippin' balls that day. I usually never ever drew anything other than my own characters; I had a thing about copying other people's ideas. But then I look back at my "original" characters and they're basically an amalgamation of power rangers, transformers and anime.

Well that's all for old sketches! Next time there shall be new sketches!


  1. "bitches love polly pockets." these are amazing; you must be glad they survived the years.

  2. Haha it's true! And yes, I'm so glad they did! I was totally bat-shit insane with ideas back then. I'm stealing all of them. It's nice to know I'm different but still kinda the same.