Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ratfist Fanart!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you the fanart I did for Doug Tennapel's webcomic Ratfist!
You guys do know about Ratfist, right? He's a rat-themed superhero with a tail that allows him to swing from buildings! Also it shouts his inner thoughts at random times. He's super cool and you should check it out! Also, I included everyone's favorite parody hero, MitterSpam! I wanted to parody Spiderman's first appearance, and can't believe no one in the fanart section has done it yet. The only thing I regret about this piece is that I forgot Milt, his rodent sidekick and companion!

For those who don't know who Doug TenNapel is, shame on you! He's the creator of Earthworm Jim, the nickelodeon show, Catscratch, and multiple awesome graphic novels including Iron West, Creature Tech, and Black Cherry(I defy you to read those descriptions and not be interested). He's a great illustrator and a masterful storyteller and you should check out all his work!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More Noir Sketches

My fiction project story comic thing is coming along nicely. I've written the main story, figured out the layout, and designed the main characters! I have more noir sketches! NOIR SKETCHES EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!

The Florist is my main protagonist. Here's his progression in to madness:
SOme facial expressions for the Girl with no name.
Different skins for the slinky girl
A sleazy jolly assassin.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fox on your arm

Hey guys! I haven't posted here in awhile, mainly because I've been doing comics over at Rocket Powered Dragon, my movie review sketch blog, and working on my art house sketchbook project. But I did want to show off some nice sketches I recently did.

A friend of mine asked me to design a fox tattoo for him. Normally I loathe designing tattoos with a fiery passion, but since he's a good friend, and it was an animal, and he was paying me a nice chunk of change, I decided to go with it. And I'm sure glad I did! Doing this made me realize how much I like animals and how much I need to draw them more.

Here is my initial sketch, which I love, but it wasn't quite the design he wanted.

A couple of sketches that are more stealthy, on the prowl.

The final ink version.

Also, if you guys haven't checked out Brother Rabbit, Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl, and the Book of the Barber this week, now's a good time!