Monday, April 29, 2013

doodles galore

Hey hey it's Monday and I've got some doodle sketch doodles! Look at these things I did:

I was watching Pushing Daisies the other day and I felt compelled to draw The Pie-Maker and The Dead Girl. I really need to draw more Pushing Daisies stuff. BECAUSE THAT SHOW WAS MAGICAL DAMMIT. More sketches after the jump!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

noir fashion design

Hey there fellow humans. I've been working on my next story for Dime-Store Noir, The Wrong Girl, and have been doing some character design. A big part of that is fashion design! You wouldn't think of this when creating characters, but each one needs his or her own distinct look through the clothing they wear. So here are a few character sheets fo my three main characters:
Vince I looked through a lot of GQ magazine. He was brought up well, and knows how to dress stylishly. 
With Mary I looked through a lot of JC Penny's catalogues. She likes wearing dresses that look pretty.
Jane is a punk who wears just a weird combination fo whatever the hell she wants. I looked at a lot of stuff from Trash and Vaudville. 

More stuff after the jump!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

superheroes and such

Hey hey, I'm doing a blog update today instead of yesterday because of...reasons. Anyways, hey look at these sketches I sketched!
I started playing DC Universe Online and I created a reptilian techy trickster villain with pew pew blasty gloves. I named him Blastalisk! I'll give you a second to realize how awesome that is. I liked him so much, I sketched him! Yes he has a mohawk and a hoodie this isn't amateur hour dammit.

And my second is a robot ice-powered heroine with arrow-shooting called Freezer Burst. I know, not as awesome. But still pretty cool!(pun intended) I want to play this game more just os I can make more heroes. Dammit.

More stuff after the jump!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey there! It's Monday, and here are some sketches:

 These are some people I saw probably. I'm losing track. Getting steeped in projects again, which is exciting, hope to have stuff to show soon! But for now here are some Justified sketches because why not:
They're alright I guess.

Also last week, I reviewed The Croods for Sketched Screenings and I rather enjoyed it overall.

Also also there were a couple of new Dime-Store Noir pages last week. The Big Grief is finishing up this week, and I'm working on the next story, which I will hopefully have up soon. Stay tuned!