Friday, July 23, 2010

Dumgens & Draggins 4: The Hovering Kobold

One of the glitches I hate about DDO, is that every so often the enemy (especially kobolds) will jump around trying to evade you, and they'll inadvertently jump up on to a candlestick or the side of a wall or something that is clearly not jump-upable. So you'll have to jump and awkwardly swing and miss, or do what I do and run away and wait until they follow you(BECAUSE THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE). And it's not just small baddies, I've seen full on orcs jump mid air and just hover there!

I think this is my best one yet with all that new fangled perspective and backgrounds and whatnot. I was going to try grayscale with Zao the thief, but I just love the way he looks in Black and White.

I keep forgetting to upload pics of the model I've been working on. Oh well. Have a great weekend!

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