Thursday, December 6, 2012

Earth Savers Comics

So! I have finally finished my comics internship with Greening Forward. I'll still be working with them for some graphical stuff here and there, but for now all of the comic strips I was making for them are complete and are being sent out! Super exciting. Here they all are!


30 Characters November is over and I actually created, sketched and inked 30 characters! If you missed any, here is the full roster:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

more characters

Here are some doodles of faces I did in class:

And here are the latest characters for the last 2 days, today and tomorrow:
 He's a pig...something.
 I like this guy's nose.
 Man I don't know what it is with me and badass looking women in black.
It's Machismo Man! haha oof.

Friday, November 9, 2012

mustache for a good cause

Ah I see you standing there outside my window in the cold, admiring my warm mustache from afar. Come in, come in! Do you know what time of the year it is? Why yes, it's Movember, the bestest and hairiest time of the year!

For those that don't know, Movember is a time when men(and ladies) grow out their mustaches and get donations from people to help men's health issues!  You can donate to my mo account here.

But woah hey hold on you say. This is 'merica! Quid pro quo and all that! What do we get out of it?

Well for the month of November only, if you donate 10$ or more, I will sketch you a mustache commission! It will look like this:

All you have to do is make sure you give your name and email when you donate(don't be anonymous), and in the "write a message" say if you'd like it cartoony or realisticish, what kind of mustache, any other speculations(within reason, I am an uber-busy man) and point me in the direction of a picture of you.  Then I will gladly sketch and email you your mustache portrait!

Please allow me some time to complete them, especially if I get a lot. Hopefully I won't get so overwelmed that I'll have to close submissions. I'm doing portraits, heads, half bodies and full bodies, no cars, backgrounds etc.  Also, these will be black and white, but if you give 25$ or more I will gladly do full color portraits!

Donate, grow and have fun! MUSTACHE AWAAAAAYYY!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

BIIIIG art dump post

I've been slacking on the art blog updates. Here's what I've been up to for the past few months!
This is a poster I did for a friend's band, The Jack and Queen. I think it turned out pretty good! Very dramatic. One might even say...noiry? Anyways they have a show this Saturday and you should totally check them out.  More after the jump!

start of 30 characters

It's that time of the year again! No not the holidays! NO NOT ELECTION SEASON. No it's time for the 30 characters challenge!

It happens once a year for November in which artists try to come up with a new character design every day. I've been doing pretty good so far(just not about updating on the blog).  Here are the characters I have so far!

His name is Squidsym and he is an alien robot squiddy thing.

A noir jazz player with a saxophone! I feel like his name is Sandy. Also sporting a stache for Movember! More on that later.

"What, me evil?" I liked the design so much I had to see it in color. 

Her name is Suzie Slamfist and she likes unicorns and anime and PUNCHING EVIL IN ITS STUPID FACE.  What no this has nothing to do with Wreck-It Ralph why do you ask.

Cyber hacker named Shriva with tattoos and a techno eye.

This big lug is meathook!
More to come as I update daily, but for up to date coverage, check on my twitter!

Edit: 2 more characters! I did them in a different sketchbook because of reasons.

Some kind of robot exterminator...thing.

I don't know who she is, but she scoffs at your lack of fashion. Scoffs I say!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

24 Hour Comic Day 2012

Another 24 Hour Comic Day has come and gone and yet again I realize I have no idea what the word simple means. Unfortunately I couldn't finish and was only able to pencil and semi ink 12 of the 24 pages. Take a look after the jump!
Character designs for the comic.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

noir tests

Hey hey, I've got a new noir comic coming out, and I've been doing some tests! Check these inking samples out.

This is just ink and brush. It's not bad. I like the stark contrast.
This is ballpoint pen and wash. It's a little to grey for me.
This is brush and ink with ballpoint pen. I really like the little details plus the high contrast. I really like that scratchy sketchy feel. 

Also, I did this logo for a group I'm working with, Digital Bad Boy Studios:
I think it came out really nice! Very square and angular. I'm going to be doing some cool variations on it soon too.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

more noir sketches

Hey look, more noir sketches!  Still trying out different inking methods. That is all.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

noiry sketches

Hey just trying out some random sketches of people with pen and brush! Still trying to find that "noir" style.  What do you guys think?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Qualified

So I have finally finished my 8 page comic, "Super Qualified", and finally had enough free time to upload it. And here it is after the jump!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

robots and heroes

Hey guys quick update. I finished my storyboarding class, and here is one of the animatics:
It involves Catwoman and it is set to "Money, Money, Money from Abba. I'm pretty sure I could do a whole series of animations of Batman set to the Mama Mia soundtrack.

Also random things from my storyboarding class, I animated this little robot guy(They're gifs, clic for animation):

Yes, I was thinking of Claptrap from Borderlands, how did you know?

I'm almost finished with my 8-page comic for my inking class, and here are some quick inks of my main protagonist:

I like her design the more I sketch her. And the more I ink, the more I want to find a more organic style I'm comfortable with.

Also I have an internship with Greening Forward who I'm making comics for. I'm almost finished with the first comic, but here are some character designs of the kids and teachers:

I have been really slacking on Sketched Screenings, so expect a couple of movie dumps from there soon.

That's all for now. Ta-ta!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

killer clowns

So I am now working on a game with some fellows involving killer mutated clowns, and I've been designing all the clown characters. Here are some of my crazy clown character designs!

gesture and shadow

Hey here's a sketch dump of some shadow and gesture drawings I've been doing in my inking class!  These are all done with ink and brush, no pencils.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Save the butts, save the world

Hey guys! It's late and I'm tired so here is a sketch dump!

I've finally figured out the face of my heroine.  Bottom left!

This is a preview for my 8-page comic that I should be done with in around 5 weeks. Oh butts.

Anyways, I've been trying out different inking techniques to figure out how exactly I'm going to ink it.

I think I'm going with the ink and wash on the right. Butts butts butts. FIERCE buts.

I did this also while practicing inking. It's of a facebook friend. maybe I will post it on facebook. maybe.

I was considering making the heroine's design more extreme, but I think I like how it is.  The guy on the left however I LOVE. He's going in exactly like that.

This comic will also have superheroes looking at resumes disapprovingly. This entertains me greatly.
And finally some random designs for Ivy an Joker because of reasons.  Full disclosure, if I were ever put  in charge of a Batman movie, I would make Christina Hendricks Posion Ivy. Perhaps I will continue these and ink them. PERHAPS.

I've been falling behind on Sketched Screenings.  I will get on that soon, mostly because I want to make super-special posters involving Spider-Man.

Also also, I got an internship! Making Comics! It's with a cool company called Greening Forward. You should check them out. I still have more gesture drawings from class but I will scan those in tomorrow.

Goodnight all.