Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Round-Up 9/28: Spider Woman, Columbo, Spectrum and more!

Hey it's Monday! I've got some stuff to show yooooouu

Here's An inked Spider-Woman. More after the break!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Round-Up 9/21: Batpeople

It's Monday! I have some sketches and stuff! Batgirl and Robin! I'm going to clean these up and color them and show them off to my Patrons later. But more stuff after the jump!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Round-Up 9/14: Cap and Iron Patriot, Spider-Duck, and Fancy Cyber Suits

Oh hey it's Monday and I haven't done a blogpost in awhile because I've been busy with stuff so here's a blogpost with stuff
Here's a fan cover for a comic book I want to be in existence: Captain America and Iron Patriot! Mostly because I really liked Iron Patriot as a comic and miss it. I have a lot of comics I want to be a thing so expect more of these soon. More after the jump!

 Howard the Duck as Spider-Duck! Howard the Duck is a good comic you should read.
 Here's a rough Samus! I'll probably clean this up and color it. I'm going to clean up a lot of the rough sketches I've done and turn them into a sketchbook for patrons of my Patreon so if you'd like to see the finished version of this int he future, maybe consider contributing to my Patreon!
 An Early sketch I did of Samus because I've never drawn her armor before
 Drew some troopers that are totes from Star Wars for Force Friday

 And here are some Corgis I was practicing drawing

Also some sketches from figure drawing:

Last week I had a new Evil Employee! Check him out!

Well that's it for this week. As always, if you like my work, consider giving to my Patreon, or buying something on my Etsy, or even asking for a commission! See you next week!