Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stuff is happening!

I've just realized that almost 2 years ago I created this and called it "Daily Graphic journal", and what with the new Rocket Powered Dragon website up and subsequent blog, I haven't been doing much daily updating. Well no more! I can at the very least update on what's going on in my other comics and blogs and give some sketches here and there.

It's Tuesday! And that means there's a new Brother Rabbit and Acquaintances! You should go check it out, but here's a preview here:

Yeah, I did the sideways dialogue thing. Not because I want to be a fancy shmancy typographer, it just fit in that space that way. What do you think? Too mainstream?

Also I have some pics of backgrounds and of boards over at my Rickety Rat blog.

Also also, I've been doing more work on my sketchbook project, and I'm getting close to being done. I may put it online as a webcomic type organism if I like the art that much. So far, I only feel meh about the art though. But here is the cover and some bits of art:

I like the slightly tan of the page with all the lines. I'm considering making a business card of the second guy.

Also the third, I want to make a Random Awesome comic this week entitled, "A Man of Science". I've been working on the main character and I just can't get his head shape right. Here are his many incarnations!

I will probably do an in depth post of his head on the RPD blog. I'm also going to try to do a Sketched Screenings post this week. Sometime. More stuff to come!

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