Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cards, sketches, and draggins

Hey guys! I did stuff today!

So first off I have a bunch of new card designs, which is great because I'm really digging the style, but it's bad because I have so many I like.

The first I'm going to put on the back of all my cards. It's for the site I'm working with, Rocket Powered Dragon. And since I don't want to carry 2 sets of cards around, I'd figure I'd fashion one similar to the style of card I'm using.

I like how the dragon came out. It's a sketch version of Leilani's design which I also used in the main banner for the website. Next is one using a concept art piece for a game idea I had.
I really like this concept art piece. Is the text still readable? Can you make out most of the level? Then I did a couple with some overgrown from my Barber comic.

Not sure which one of these to use. Right now, not including the RPD one for the back, I have 9 card designs, which is bad because a print out card sheet holds 8. Thoughts? Anyone have a least favorite?

Next, I'm hopefully going to do another random awesome comic this week(I feel bad that I didn't do a Brother Rabbit comic, but the idea well on that one has kind of run dry). Here are some sketches:
I really like the one on the far right, it really captures the essence of the main character. I'm going to call it either "Overprotective Father Comics" or "Disapproving Father Comics". Either of those strike a chord with anyone?

Also, I dug this up out of the crank file and have been working on it recently:
I'm hoping to have it completely colored by the end of the week, but I'm saying that about a lot of things this week, so we'll see. I've been looking back at these fondly. They're some of my first artistically successful(kinda) storylined webcomics, and they gave me a chance to try out a bunch of new techniques I hadn't previously tried. I'd like to bring them back and over to the RPD site, possibly sometime in the future if I can create enough stories and characters I like. And that are set apart from all the OTHER D&D webcomics.

Also also, I did new Sketched Screenings review of Thor with the colored sketch! Go check it out if you haven't already.

I also recently finished a model of a guy, which I will have pics of soon on the RPD blog. And I will hopefully be beta testing the new version of my Rickety Rat boardgame this weekend, so we'll see how that goes.

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