Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey guys! I've finally finished my Fiction Project journal! So relieved. I'll have more time to not worry about that now, so more time for comics and animations and all that jazz(maybe)!

It's pretty rough (I didn't even erase the pencils) and near illegible. I'm most likely going to post it here or make a new Tumblr for it. I'm not happy with it enough to post it on Rocket Powered Dragon with my other webcomics, but people still might enjoy it.

Also if you noticed at the left, I added a button for Rocket Powered Dragon! If you haven't checked out our stuff, you should!

I also finally got to playtest the newest version of my Rickety Rat boardgame. It was semi successful, but still needs to iron out some kinks. I'll do a post o the Rickety Rat blog soon.

I have plans to keep busy this week, so Look out for a new Barber, a new Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl, a new Random Awesome comic, and Sketched Screenings post! Plus more sketches and random junk.

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