Thursday, May 19, 2011

buttload of links

First I did this semi cartoony sketch of Rita Hayworth:

I really like the pose she has here. Girl's got swagger. I got the reference picture from this awesome film noir photo blog.

Secondly, it occurs to me I haven't whored out Rocket Powered Dragon enough because I still have people going, "What the hell is Rocket Powered Dragon?" So prepare for a full scale whoring!

Rocket Powered Dragon is a site bringing together a bunch of artists to make some really great Animations, Games, Illustrations, and Webcomics. We also have an informative blog where we explain how we do things and sometimes give helpful tips. I have two ongoing webcomics up there, The Book of the Barber and The Adventures of Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl. I also have Brother Rabbit and Acquaintances, which will run more sporadically, and I do comics for Random Awesome Comics every so often.

Also, I'll be having Radiogame Theatre, the radio show about videogames up there as well.

So this week I did a quite a few new things. First I did a new Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl that you should totally check out. Here's a preview!
I usually don't do backgrounds for this, mostly because I don't think I really need them for the jokes, but this one I did a very subtle one, and I'm fairly proud of it.

I also did a new Barber comic and this one has a sprawling landscape, which I never do, just because I'm not really a landscape person. I'm extremely proud of the way it came out:
I need to do more backgrounds like this, and I most likely will with the Book of the Barber.

I also did a Random Awesome Comic which is pretty simple and I think is hilarious. You should go check it out. Did you go check it out yet? Do that now!

Ok since you checked it out already, here's the primary ink version:
Since it's an aquarium, I really wanted to do watercolor, but I also wanted to get it done quickly. I might do a watercolor version later and retcon the photoshop version. I reserve that right for myself.

Also, I plan to do another Random Awesome comic for Friday, one I've been planning to do since last week. Here's a preview:
It's the start of Disapproving Father Comics!

Oh also, I did a sketched screenings list of movies hat had Awesome trailers but were bad movies. Here's the ink sketch I worked with:

I like parts of it.

Well that's all for today! More next time!

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