Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New comic and cards!

Hey guys! Did you check out today's Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl yet? Well you should! It's totally cute-dorable! Here's a preview:

This time I inked it with a semi-brush pen and scanned it in. It was waaaaay faster and I've got a much easier time making solid curvy lines, but the lines aren't as crisp when I bring them into photoshop. Then again I work on such a huge scale and scale it down when I import it, maybe no one will even notice. What do you guys think? Is there a noticeable difference between this comic and previous comics drawn completely in photoshop?

I also have new card designs! Yesterday when I uploaded the image of the assassin, I thought it was nice and interesting and had just the right amount of space for information, so I turned it into a card!

I like the slightly yellowed lined paper; it gives a nice sketchy cartoony feel close to the style I like. So I made some more variations:

And finally I used it to do a variation of the card I have now:

So what do you guys think of them? Good idea? Bad idea? Is all the info clear? Do you have a favorite? I may do a couple more if I find some more sketches of mine I really like.

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