Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ratfist Fanart!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you the fanart I did for Doug Tennapel's webcomic Ratfist!
You guys do know about Ratfist, right? He's a rat-themed superhero with a tail that allows him to swing from buildings! Also it shouts his inner thoughts at random times. He's super cool and you should check it out! Also, I included everyone's favorite parody hero, MitterSpam! I wanted to parody Spiderman's first appearance, and can't believe no one in the fanart section has done it yet. The only thing I regret about this piece is that I forgot Milt, his rodent sidekick and companion!

For those who don't know who Doug TenNapel is, shame on you! He's the creator of Earthworm Jim, the nickelodeon show, Catscratch, and multiple awesome graphic novels including Iron West, Creature Tech, and Black Cherry(I defy you to read those descriptions and not be interested). He's a great illustrator and a masterful storyteller and you should check out all his work!

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