Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spider-Shelly and Nicki Widow

So first off, here are today's heroes(cause I felt like doing a pair for some reason)! These took waaaay longer than expected. Mostly because I wanted to do them in flash but then I hated it but I also hated this but I hated this less and so I finished.

Anyways, these are based off my friends Shelly and Nicki who are always attached at the hip. Spider-Shelly is stronger and can jump higher, while Nicki Widow is more agile and can throw venomous spikes. Both can cling to walls and change the color of their costumes so they blend in with the bad guys. Here's some more sketches:
I think from now on I'll ink them and color in photoshop since I need to work on my inking anyways(look at that shaky line work!!!)

Also, I've been trying to get back into modeling, so I've started speed modeling(trying to get a model done in an hour) again. So I set out to model this:

And in an hour and a half I got this:

So tomorrow I should have a new hero up, and I think I'll do a guy this time since I've already done three girls.

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