Friday, October 22, 2010

Card designs

I need your guys help! I'm redesigning cards and I need opinions over which is the best design! (And yes there will be a hero later) Take a look and comment please thanks!

My first attempt. Simple and to the point. I'm "thenoirguy" in most websites I'm on, so I thought that might help people look for me.

I'm not sure how many people have actually done this, but I've never seen a diagonal business card. Interesting and neat or just dumb?

A brick pattern with a spotlight for a more noiry feel. cool texture or too much?

Same design except without the drop shadows. Not sure if it's easier or harder to read.

Slanted with the Brick Pattern.

Slanted, but with a more simplistic sketchy style.

Longways and double sided. I like how it's set up, and the silhouette, and even the little markers for each of the options, but I'm not sure if I like the face on the other side. Plus I think I like this font better. Also, I started adding the jobs I do at this version and just stuck them into the previous versions. Does that work? Any job titles I should change, leave out, or include? Thinking about putting in modeler or storyboard artist.

Longways, with my face, and a simplistic style. Hmm, maybe I could fit the little icons on my tie...

And finally longways with my head on the bottom. Hmm, I didn't try a brick pattern for the longways version, does anyone like it enough to warrant one?

I definitely need to print all these out to see what they look like small, also if I can still draw on the faces. So what do you guys think? Which ones do you like the best? Which elements should I keep or put together? Is it better wide, long, or slanted?


  1. OK, so most of these designs are very text heavy. You have the basic info- Your name, occupation, and contact info, but you must give the words different weights and sizes. Your name should be the largest. The other parts should be smaller, and really don't have to be very large at all.

    Avoid the brick pattern. It is way too cluttered, unless you bring it to photoshop and decrease the contrast a lot, then maybe. Also, avoid using that scribbily grey background behind the drawing of the person. It looks like it was done in a basic program and does not highlight your skills. It just doesn't look good. You may have personal reasons for including 'idea generator' but I think you don't need it; it is a vague term and you already tell people what your skills and interests are with ''animator, writer, illustrator, game designer''. The slanted versions are ok, i guess. You should get rid of ''for a new slant on ideas'' if you choose the slanted version. Its slanted, we get it, saying it twice is repetitive.

    Strongly consider using another font. The one you are using is very typical/standard and may cause your business card to be ignored. I think you can find a font that better suits/speaks about your work.

    Do you plan to have a single sided business card, or to use both sides? Who is your audience? Potential employers? Fellow artists? If you choose to use both sides of the card, one side could be an image - perhaps from a comic, or an image that demonstrates the skill you are advertising if the card is meant to be given to employers or companies. The image should be your best one, one you are really proud of, that you could talk about thoroughly when asked. The other side could be all your text.

    Of the designs here, the first one works the best. You have a clean drawing, and this design is the cleanest/clearest. I would suggest in the drawing of the person, to decrease the length of the tie and the left shoulder, so they do not go all the way to the edge of the card. (Leave some white space) If you choose this design, change your font sizes as I said before.

    OK, I hope my words are helpful! Good luck with your business card, I am eager to make one for my work, I've just gotta find the right painting to use...Hope you are well!

    -Kristie W

  2. Um, wow. That's alot. Thanks! Yeah, I REALLY don't know anything about fonts, I would use one that looks cool, but I don't want it to be too flashy and I don't know what they all mean when I use them.

    But thanks! Wish you were here to critique all my work!