Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bonnie Burnspot

Hey I did another post today! And I'm actually pretty happy with this one! And there's no real shading to speak of! I have to thank the great Doug Tennapel because his amazing cartoony and simplistic style has inspired me over the years. And his books are all really funny.

Today's hero is of my friend Bonnie! I'm guessing she has fire powers? Fire powers are cool. In fact, I like all elemental based powers solely for the fact they make it easier to do monochromatic coloring. Of course I'm sure there's a huge list of fire-based superheroes' costumes I've inadvertently ripped off taken homage from solely because I'm using the colors red, orange and blue.

Here's a version I started out with without the monochromatic look:
And here are some sketches:
I was originally going to give her fire and ice powers, but I just really liked the idea of her hair bun being a fireball. I'm sure someone will have fire and ice powers, because that would be cool. And hot.

If you haven't noticed already, I've changed the look of my blog. I'm still playing with it, but I think I like this style better. I'll probably do a cool background image and title image soon as well. Also, if you look to the left, I made a page of all the heroes and villains I've done!

Oh man, I'm going to have 5 posts this week! When's the last time that happened?