Monday, October 18, 2010


Today is Laser Murph. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the colors. He is supposed to be a bright flashy character but I might change them later. I don't know, I was under duress at the time.

Laser Murph has the ability to shoot lasers from anywhere. Eye lasers, finger lasers, lasers out the ass, he's become somewhat of a celebrity superhero for his powers and it's gone to his head.

EDIT: also, if you wanted to take a look at the original ink version, here it is, I'm kinda proud of the inking:

Also, I'm doing a major image overhaul, redoing my website and business cards(pronounced bus-e-ness) and everything. Today I created a new avatar which you can see here. I plan on putting the blank version on my business card and doodling on whatever facial hair I'm wearing at the time. Or something silly. Depends how I feel I guess. Here's a shaded version:

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