Monday, July 12, 2010

Motivation! Also, 100th comic!

I keep putting my friends in these without them knowing. I wonder if any of them realize?

Holy crap! This is daily comic #100! Hooray for me! Man, they really add up. Of course, if I had been doing them EXACTLY five days a week, it would have been sooner, but y'know, stuff happens.

I could have done a big celebration comic, or a cop-out comic realizing it's the 100th one, but I thought I'd do something different and do something simple and funny.

Looking back at the very first one, I don't feel like I've come all that far. But then, I kinda really liked that one. compared to alot of the earlier ones, I think I've improved a bit. Maybe I get a +1 bonus to my comic making skills after 100 comics.

Actually, I feel like a couple of my earlier ones were cruder, but much more experimental in style and presentation. I think it's become almost like a chore for me, and I should step back and do some more experimenting.

Anyways, hopefully the next 100 will be much more awesomer!

EDIT: Just counted, and I'm pretty sure this is 101. Me and my awesome organizational skills, I never filed away the very first one. :p But this kind of works out better, because last Thursday's comic mirrors the first in a way.

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