Monday, February 25, 2013

purple skeletons

Hey there it's time for an update! What's been going on with me? not much actually. Well I am working on a number of animations and some storyboards, but nothing to show yet. But I am in an anatomy class at SVA in which I do have stuff to show!
After doing life drawing, we are finding and sketching the skeleton(and later muscles) within the model. It's quite difficult. Especially those damned vertebrae!

Also last week I reviewed Side Effects which was really good, and A Good Day to Die Hard which was the opposite of that. I did a comic for the Die Hard review that I quite enjoyed:
That is the entire movie.
Also, there was a new page for The Big Grief on Dime-Store Noir, along with a new cover!
Brand new pages will be up starting tomorrow!

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