Monday, February 11, 2013

music videos and sketches

I've been doing more storyboarding for short films and music videos. My friend B.J. Harring just released a new music video from the awesome metal band Carach Angren of the song Funerary Dirge of a Violinist that I storyboarded! It's totally awesome and you should watch it and comment and share and all that! Watch it below!

And here, you can see my animatic for the video: 

 I think B.J. has a great eye for composition and storytelling, and his direction on the storyboards was pretty precise. Unlike a lot of amateur directors, he knew what he wanted. I think it's pretty interesting what changed from animatic to finished product and what he kept in. And I think it came out very well!  I can't wait to see his next directing piece.  More boards and sketches after the jump!

Also, I did some storyboards for Quite, who are doing the amazingly daunting task of making a short film each month for a year. The one I boarded for isn't up yet, but you can see some sample boards here: 

This is one of the sketches I've started doing in the morning!  I've been trying to get up (relatively) early so I can do an old master study, practice perspective, and start sketching, so I have a good start. Going pretty ok so far!  Anyways this is actually a character based on one of my fellow students in my anatomy class. I don't know, there are some really interesting people that have realyl good character designs, but I guess it's kinda creepy if you go up to them and ask, "I love the shape of your head! Who designed you?!" And here's some more sketches:
Another fellow student and someone I saw at a party. No exaggeration, he's really that buff. He can make his pecs move!

Spike Spiegel in winter clothes, as you do.

Been on a Samara kick lately, which is odd because I barely used her in the game! It must be her giant...tentacles.
And here are some perspective examples I've been doing! Simple, but I'm just getting back into it after a bit of a hiatus. Also, SPIRAL STAIRCASE WHAT.

And finally, I did reviews of Warm Bodies and King of the Nerds last week for Sketched Screenings! Check those out! Along with TWO NEW Dime-Store Noir pages!
The sketches came out nice for these too!

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