Monday, February 18, 2013

evil deadly space valentines

Hey there! I've got sketches and such. First off, I did this illustration piece for a contest, but it didn't win. I still like it though.

It's a mash-up of Evil Dead and Dead Space.  More sketches after the jump!

I did a lot of research, preliminary sketches and designing before I came up with the final art piece. Here's a sketch of Rigged Ash:
I was initially going to go with the Plasma Cutter graphed to his severed hand, but instead went with the Ripper, since it's closer to a chainsaw.

Also, I just did some pages for my current story on Dime-Store Noir, The Big Grief, and needed to do some character designs for new characters. Take a look!

Of course last Thursday was Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day, so I did a Valentine's themed one-shot for Dime-Store noir called, Call Me Cupid. And for Sketched Screenings, I did the Single Awareness Day Ultimate List of Loner Movies to Watch Alone by Yourself! The sketches came out really quite nice. Take a look at those!

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