Monday, March 4, 2013

noir and muscle

Hey look over here! New sketches and such!

Anatomy class is going well. Starting on the muscles and boy are there ever muscles!

Also, I continue to doodle characters based off my classmates:

Just so you know, I'm not sitting there sketching them in class like a weirdo, These are sketches I made days later from memory, trying to make new characters based off the most memorable parts I can remember. Art students have good character design!  Speaking of character design, I'm sketching the protagonist to my next story in Dime-Store Noir, which you shouldn't see for awhile.
And speaking of Dime-Store Noir, there were TWO NEW pages last week! Check those suckers out, and check back this week for more new pages!

Also, last week, I reviewed The Girl from the Naked Eye, and my friend Noelle reviewed Dark Skies! So check those out if you haven't already!

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