Monday, January 28, 2013

Sketches and Aniversaries

Hey this past wednesday, Sketched Screenings turned two years old! It's crazy that I've been doing posts (mostly) every week on time for two years. I should celibrate somehow. Maybe with a dance party. I don't know. Also last week, I reviewed Mama and Gangster Squad, so check those out! And here's some more Jessica Chastain sketches from Mama:

Also, there were two new Dime-Store Noir pages, so check those out if you haven't! New page tomorrow too! More after the jump!

Remember those Mass Effect sketches I did a couple weeks back? I colored a couple of them, because why not.

I've been trying to work on my digital coloring.

And hey, more random sketches of stuff, because that's how I do!


These are based off these fashion designs because I thought they looked like
futuristic space costumes. You never know what will inspire!

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