Monday, January 14, 2013

Mass Effect sketch dump

I've started replaying Mass Effect 2 because it's such an amazing game, and I think I'll do some art pieces on it with all the free time I don't have. Anyways, here are some ME2 sketches:

From Upper Left to Lower Right: Legion, Jack, Garrus, Grunt, Jacob,  and Samara.
 More after the jump!

Mordin, Miranda, Tali, Kasumi,male and female Shepard, and Thane.
Y'know on my first playthrough, I did Male-Shep and romanced Miranda. This time around I'm doing Fem-Shep and I don't know who I'll romance. Garrus and Thane are looking pretty nice.

If you missed it last week on Sketched Screenings, I had my list of favorite movies of 2012 and favorite soundtracks of 2012! I think the sketches for favorite movies came out fairly good:

Also if you missed it, I recently started a new story on Dime-Store Noir! The Big Grief! And there will be a new page up tomorrow! Huzzah! I still have to finish a good chunk of it, and I recently did some character sketches:
Considering I came up with these for 24-hour comic day, I think the character designs came out pretty well.

Lastly, here are some random sketches because why not!
Helloooo Ladies.
See you next week!

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