Monday, January 7, 2013

Perspective and such

Happy New Year! I haven't done a blogpost since last year(oh wow such a long time geez) but that's changing! One of my New Year's goals is to post on my blog at least once a week. And if you were wondering about my update schedule with Dime-Store Noir and Sketched Screenings it will be as follows:

Monday: new blog post
Tuesday: new Dime-Store Noir page
Wednesday: new Sketched Screenings post
Thursday: new Dime-Store Noir page
Friday: new Sketched Screenings post
Weekend: I'm takin' that shit off yo

There will also be more Radiogame Theatre, but since there aren't any new ones yet and we're still trying to figure out recording schedules, there's no set schedule as of yet and they'll be posted as soon as there's something to post.  Hopefully, the more we make,the better we'll get with posting.  And if you haven't checked out Radiogame Theatre yet, please do!  It takes classic and modern videogames and twists them into classic radioshows!  So far we have ones on Left 4 Dead, MarioHalf-Life, and a bunch of extra stuff too!

And I will occasionally do posts on Rickety Games from time to time.

If you were wondering about my other New Year's goals, they include: Learn a new program every month, read 2 books every month, make a new routine and stick to it, and figure out how to monetize on my art.  I think goals are more obtainable than resolutions. What are some of your New Year's Goals?

Anyways, also on the matter of perspective, I just finished a new Holiday storyline on Dime-Store Noir(A Season's Greeting if you haven't read it yet, it's only 4 pages!), and since I had just finished a perspective class, there were a butt-load of awesome perspective shots!  Seeing as I inked it in Manga Studio Ex, you may think I just sketched it and flubbed it with the perspective tool, but I did actually figure it out beforehand. Take a look at these suckas!

This was used for a greeting card. PERSPECTIVE MOTHER FUCKER.
And there will be a new story at Dime-Store Noir starting tomorrow, so look for that!  Also, I recently did a logo for a company and I really love how it came out:

He was done completely in Manga Studio Ex. It's a really great program. I still use Photoshop to edit and do text though.

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