Friday, May 18, 2012

New site and such

Hey guys! I have made a shiny new website! That will be my portfolio site from now on, while this will still be my blog.  I'm switching to Wordpress basically because they have better gallery settings(namely, they HAVE gallery settings), but I will keep posting random updates on things here! Random things like this portrait of Dr. Cox I just did:

You can feel him saying "no".
I'm getting more into shading these days. Also up now on Sketched Screenings is a list of things I want to see in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game.
Now that I think of it, using webbing to play Practical jokes on criminals would probably #14. I mean, he's a teenager, and juvenile in general, why shouldn't you be able to trip thugs or web their butts to chairs?

And if you're looking for more reviewy stuff from SKetched Screenings, I also recently reviewed Dark Shadows!

Also also, here's this random illustration I did to apply for an illustration job(I don't think I got it by the way).

More to come soon!

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