Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dark Knight and Moon Knight

So last week I finished an illustration I've been working on and off since December:

It's my submission to Relaunched!, though I don't know when or if they're going to showcase it, so I'm posting it here now. I don't love the background, but I don't hate it. Also, man stuff in illustrator takes forever!

With Gotham quieting down, Bruce Wayne takes Wayne industries to New York for a short stint so Batman can clean up the mean streets of New York! Little did he know that it already had a white knight protector, the Moon Knight! As both heroes and men of intrigue, with the same goals in mind, they decide to  team up to fight crime together as The Dark Knight and the Moon Knight! 

In this premiere double-blotch issue, they must investigate the strange and gruesome deaths of...criminals?!  Some masked vigilante known as "Rorschach" is going around murdering thieves, crooks and killers in cold blood!  Can they work together to stop this maniac? And should they?

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