Friday, May 18, 2012

Avenging avengers! Assemble and avenge!

I recently finished another submission for Superhero of the Month(fingers crossed!) This month was Avengers, And this is what I came up with: The Avenging Avengers!

Who Avenges the Avengers? The Avenging Avengers! That's who!  After the great "Bendis Catastrophe" that wiped out most of the Marvel Universe, these are the only avengers left to figure out what happened, who orchestrated it and avenge their fallen comrades!  They're a group of misfit heroes consisting of Winter Soldier, Luke Cage, Yellow Jacket, Spider-Woman, and Moon Knight who are all either former villains or unstable, and the only thing keeping them together is the idea of the team itself.

Bucky, back in his Winter soldier uniform, can't bare to put the captain america costume on again, although he embedded a broken piece of cap's shield into his bionic arm. He leads the team of misfits but he's very secretive and struggles being a leader.  I wanted his arm to be more haphazard rather than shiny and new, also possibly have some secret gun/blade transformations. It's a robot arm after all.  Having Winter Soldier instead of Cap demonstrates the state of the world at this point. 

Luke Cage is the strongest on the team and somehow survived through the event. Since he's the closest person to the original Avengers and a close friend of Cap's, he feels it necessary to wear cap's old colors, though he still can't bring himself to put on a proper costume.  He's a beloved everyman, probably the most trusted of the group. He regularly fights with Bucky over team leadership.

Spider-Woman tries to crack jokes like spider-man, but she's severely depressed over the loss of all her friends.  During the event, a part of the venom symbiote attached itself to her, enhancing her abilities of flight, strength, and stingers, with the added bonus of invisibly and shooting webs. She can usually control it, but if she gets too depressed or angry, she loses control and the monster takes over. I wanted to giver her more of the Spider-Woman 2 costume with little bits of the symbiote coming out at her toes, fingers and web wings, and leave just a touch of her old costume.

Yellow Jacket was original a villain who stole Hank Pym's design, but after the event, she decided to use her tech prowess for good. She's the techie of the team, fixing Bucky's arm and regularly providing gadgets.  She's young, brash and a punk.  She has Ant Man's shrinking, Wasp's wings, and Black Widow's stingers. Since 'jacket' is in her name, I gave her an actual jacket, and gave her more of a stylish/posh look.  She's still kind of a rowdy rebellious teenager.

Moon Knight is mentally unstable and has multiple personalties. Most people know this, but what they don't know is the real Moon Knight died in the event, and this is a skrull who went crazy trying to mimic Moon Knight's original memories. He kept Moon Knight's identity after the skrulls lost the war, but he still gets wisps of other personalities he's mimicked.  He's a rogue Skrull fighting for good, and frequently is struggling with who he is. I gave him more wraps and bandages and more of a creepy gangly look, and just a hint of the Skrull chin coming out.  Only Bucky knows his true identity.  He has all of Moon knight's abilities, and can sometimes use his skrull powers for mimicry and infiltration.

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