Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rickety PB and TG

Sketches ahoy! The third update this week! What does this mean?
 Not sure, I just felt like drawing a boy over an open landscape. It's a good metaphor because there's so much more after the jump!

That's right guys! Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl are coming back! Eventually. Sometime in september.

I tried some new things on the right, but PB and TG were not pleased. It's amazing how different something can look with just a few changes.

 Random people sketches! Not copies from real life, just some sketches of people I made up. I like them. Sometime I'd like to do a comic with regular people in it. A comic about sex. But I'm not sure if my artistic abilities are ready for that just quite yet.
 I started sketching Rickety Rat again! the project has been kind of dead because I think there are major problems with the script that need fixing. Therefore I am fixing them(aka possibly rewriting it).

I tried drawing rickety a bit taller to make him more human, possibly more of a detective character, but I don't really like it. I think they way I already have him has a very iconic look. Man do I love those little noir shorts. Could you see Humphrey Bogart in Noir shorts? I could.

I want to give Rascals more padded shoulders, maybe provide a more 'zoot suit' feel. I want his character to feel big, puffed up, but he's got the same scrawny frame inside as everyone else.
 I feel like I need to update the Rickey Rat blog and change it up a bit. I'll see what I can do later.

Question to the Ricketeers out there: How would you guys like Rickety Rat comix?

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