Friday, August 19, 2011

heroes and barbers

Hey guys, I have produced more sketches for your amusement. Actually, this is so I can practice. I don't really care for your amusement. If I did, I would be a funny cat video. 

Starting out with the basics.

 You guys. This was Christopher Walken once. The Walken had abs. how crazy is that.

 Betty Paige has some really nice poses. Go her.

Dooom! This is his "curse Richards" pose. I'm jsut kidding, all his poses are "curse Richards" poses.
 I've been thinking about my comic The Book of the Barber, and whether anyone reads it. I've been drawing guys and gals of the wasteland, sort of a fantasy-esque place.

These are semi commissions for my best friend and his wife. He said if he were a superhero eh would be a fox and she would throw peeps and wear a giant peep hat. I could not resist drawing them. I mean, c'mon, peeps. ALso, I think the peeps should explode.

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