Friday, August 5, 2011

Special Friday post!

Oh man! A post that's not on Friday! What is this I don't even!  Anyways, check out these funky fresh sketches starting with more Skinny Spidey!

I love Skinny Spidey. He's my favorite kind of Spidey! Screw that overly muscley movie version, I want the agile swingin' cartoonish skinny version! Maybe that's why I've always liked Spider-Man out of all the superheroes.  He was a scrawny little teenager, and even after he gets his powers he's still probably the scrawniest superhero. But it's ok because he uses his scrawny ass and agility to effortlessly evade attacks and swing through the streets!

Also, Spidey has been traditionally seen(and accepted to wear) nothing but a skimpy little cloth costume, with no shoes, though we rarely see the outline of his toes, even in the super-detailed anatomically correct versions(They did do it in Spiderman: Down among the dead men, which is a fantastic read and possibly my favorite Spidey story).

I might do more versions of Skinny Spidey with different costume versions later. Collect them all!

I felt like sketching some astronaut type costumes, but my Fallout 3 addiction kicked in before I could do any action poses. Perhaps I'll do something with them mater. 

I quick sketched a scene from a movie from the great blog CINEMOSAIC. It was a nice exercise, I should do it more to practice my storyboarding. 

And finally a couple of self-portraits! You ever look at yourself in the mirror and go, "Holy hell, when's the last time I did a self-portrait?!" Yeah, it was one of those days. 

I reserve the right to do more sketches later. I'm in a sketchy mood today. I think the Fallout addiction is finally wearing-OH GOD THERE IT IS AGAIN oh no wait false alarm. I'm hungry. 

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