Monday, September 23, 2013

Life drawing and birthdays

Hey there guys! I started taking a life drawing class, so check out these classical-type drawings!

More drawings after the jump!

Before a couple of the longer poses, I tried doing just pen versions first.

This one was like a 30 minute pose of a back, so I got bored and started sketching other artists heads. No one is safe!

Other than the life drawings, here are some other sketches I done did:
Night crawler!
I think she came out really cute!

What's Vince running from??
Also I made a Birthday card for my mom:

And here are some cat sketches. Why don't I draw more cats?

There wasn't any new Dime-Store Noir last week since I needed time to catch up, but I did review The Family and Boy Wonder on Sketched Screenings! So check those out!

More to come soon!

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