Monday, September 2, 2013


Hey there! I did my a kick-ass poster for Quite Productions for their new movie, "Boo"! I think it came out pretty well.

You'll also notice I have a new banner! What do you think? I've been updating my website and blog and such. Still some more to do. But for now, check out my newish site! more sketches after the jump!

 Solid Snake and a bookish girl. I think I like her better.


These are some of my favorite faces from Continuum. I'm not the only one that watches Continuum, right?

Also last week I had two new pages for The Wrong Girl on Dime-Store Noir! Page 12 and Page 13! Check those out!

Also also last week, I reviewed The World's End and Orange is the New Black! Read those things!
See you next week!

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