Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey it's a Monday! I made bookmarks! Fancy that!
I made character-based bookmarks for The Wrong Girl, each with a QR code to the title page. QR codes are cool now. More bookmarks and sketches after the jump!

I also made semi-trailer bookmarks for my three strongest stories. I think they came out pretty neat! I'll be handing them out at NYCC in October, and maybe selling them if I can drum up enough interest.

And here are your weekly sketches!
I like how this detective turned out.

Misty Knight!

It's supposed to be Cecil Baldwin from Welcome to Nightvale
Also last week, 2 new pages of The Wrong Girl on Dime-Store Noir! Page 16 and page 17! So check those out! Also there's a facebook page for Dime-Store Noir now!

Also also last week, I reviewed Riddick and We're the Millers last week on Sketched Screenings! I think you'll be surprised which one was good and which was misogynistic crap.
See you next week!

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