Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey there! I've got more new comics! I'm also exhausted! YAY COMICS.
This is another comic I did for Greening Forward. I think last week's comic came out better because it had a more dynamic composition and this takes place in Bangladesh, which I do not know a lot about and didn't have a lot of time to research. But I still think it's pretty good. Especially panel 1 with that beautiful beautiful three-point perspective! PERSPECTIVE!

Also last week, I had two new pages of The Wrong Girl on Dime-Store Noir! Page 3 and Page 4. Go check those out if you haven't been reading!

And also I know have a Facebook page for Dime-Store Noir so if you could like it that would be cool I guess. What kinds of things would you like to see on the Dime-Store Noir Facebook page? More after the jump!

Here are the sketches of the week:
I drew Hawkeye and Black Widow. I think Black Widow came out better.

I actually debuted this lady last week, but I drew this guy and I think he goes well with her.

I've been sketching ideas for a new avatar:
Most people seem to be going towards the had. What do you think?

Lastly, I reviewed RIPD and the Lego Star Wars specials last week on Sketched Screenings! So go check those out!

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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