Monday, August 5, 2013

the royal post

Hey there! It's Monday again! Who let that happen Huh? HUH?! I WILL FIND YOU!! I uh um I mean look at these sketches I did!

These were for a small comics shop in Landsale that I visited, Royal Comics and Gaming! They're pretty cool and this is their mascot, King Royal! More stuff after the jump!

Hey look at these faces!

I really need to sketch more often. I'm trying to do it every night and every morning. I think these two on the right came out the best.

Another idea for my avatar, but I think I'm going to stick with the sideways hat.
Also drew a friend's face because I wanted to do a nose study.

Also also, last week there were two new pages on Dime-Store Noir! Did you catch them?  Page 5 and page 6 ofThe Wrong Girl! Start the story here. And there will be a new page tomorrow too! You'll meet a fiery new character!
Also the third, I reviewed The Wolverine and Red 2 last week on Sketched Screenings! Go check those out!

See you next Monday!

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