Monday, July 1, 2013

Big gay blogpost

Hey there! I have new sketches and stuff!

So the Supreme Court shot down DOMA and prop 8 and it's kind of a big deal. So I did some sketches to celebrate:
 See more after the jump!

Also The Texas senate tried to pass a really dumb abortion bill and Wendy Davis said NOT IN MAH HOUSE so I doodled her too.

And hey, another Tomb Raider sketch! Man, I feel spoiled playing Tomb Raider now that I'm playing Uncharted 3. There's no Tomb Raider sense and the combat isn't even half as satisfying.

I need to start practicing my perspective so I think I'm going to do a 30 day art challenge of 30 shitty perspective drawings. Here's today's!

Also, last week I reviewed That Brad Pitt Zombie Movie and Monsters University! Go check those out!

And I should have a special surprise tomorrow on Dime-Store Noir! See you next week!

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