Tuesday, April 23, 2013

noir fashion design

Hey there fellow humans. I've been working on my next story for Dime-Store Noir, The Wrong Girl, and have been doing some character design. A big part of that is fashion design! You wouldn't think of this when creating characters, but each one needs his or her own distinct look through the clothing they wear. So here are a few character sheets fo my three main characters:
Vince I looked through a lot of GQ magazine. He was brought up well, and knows how to dress stylishly. 
With Mary I looked through a lot of JC Penny's catalogues. She likes wearing dresses that look pretty.
Jane is a punk who wears just a weird combination fo whatever the hell she wants. I looked at a lot of stuff from Trash and Vaudville. 

More stuff after the jump!

Also if you were wondering about the patterns, those were all done with Manga Studio. I'm working more with the program and falling in love with it. Along with the fashion design, I'm also doing this story in semi-monochromatic color for story purposes. Each character will have their own character, and the panel will be flooded with color from whichever character is dominating the scene. So THAT should be fun. Anyways, here are some color tests:

Mary is the stable character, so she gets a calming blue. 

Jane is a firecracker, so she gets a dark red. You'll notice for both of them a slight variation of color. For both, the left is a more painterly approach(which I may take if I decide to color the comic in Art Rage Pro), the middle is block color with different shades for different parts, and the right is straight monochromatic. Haven't decided which to go with. Thoughts? 

With Vince, I haven't decided whether I want to go with yellow to complete the color where, or a combination of red and blue to make purple to show which woman he's leaning towards at any given time. Opinions?

Also, my anatomy class is almsot up, and I'm getting fairly close to finishing my triptychs. Below are some horribly lit photos of my muscle guy and skin girl. 

Also also, I keep forgetting to show off this noir movie that I did storyboards for! Enjoy Fatale made by Quite!

And also the third, last week I did a review of the new TV show Defiance and a review for Evengelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone in which I discovered how great I am at sketching Evas! Take a look!

More coming next week!

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