Tuesday, April 16, 2013

superheroes and such

Hey hey, I'm doing a blog update today instead of yesterday because of...reasons. Anyways, hey look at these sketches I sketched!
I started playing DC Universe Online and I created a reptilian techy trickster villain with pew pew blasty gloves. I named him Blastalisk! I'll give you a second to realize how awesome that is. I liked him so much, I sketched him! Yes he has a mohawk and a hoodie this isn't amateur hour dammit.

And my second is a robot ice-powered heroine with arrow-shooting called Freezer Burst. I know, not as awesome. But still pretty cool!(pun intended) I want to play this game more just os I can make more heroes. Dammit.

More stuff after the jump!

Here are some sketchy heads I did while I'm working on my next Dime-Store Noir storyline, The Wrong Girl. One of them will be used! Which one I ask you knowing full well which one it will be?

Also been doing copies of old masters sketches to practice for my triptyks I have to complete for my Anatomy class.

This i did for reasons. Look bare with me I jsut got a PS3 and I just barely got time to play with it.

Also starting work on a new game for Indiecade this year. It's called Smoochies! Here are some early designs. More to come on that soon!

Also last week I reviewed Seven Psychopaths and Evil Dead on Sketched Screenings! Stay tuned for more stuff next week probably!

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