Monday, April 29, 2013

doodles galore

Hey hey it's Monday and I've got some doodle sketch doodles! Look at these things I did:

I was watching Pushing Daisies the other day and I felt compelled to draw The Pie-Maker and The Dead Girl. I really need to draw more Pushing Daisies stuff. BECAUSE THAT SHOW WAS MAGICAL DAMMIT. More sketches after the jump!

This is interesting. The one on the right I drew from a snapshot(creeper that I am) and the one on the left I recreated from what I imagined he looked like. I should do this more often.

A character from my upcoming storyline The Wrong Girl in a smart suit and spiky boots. I legit saw someone wear this on the street and I was jealous.

Felt like drawing sketching she-hulk for some reason.

From a photo. Fierce!

Character based someone I saw in a shop.

A couple of sketches for another character from The Wrong Girl. Lot of character sketches!

Also last week, I reviewed Carnage and The Limey on Sketched Screenings, so check those out! This week since I still won't have new Dime-Store Noir pages up, I'm going to try to have 3 Sketched Screening posts and another blog update. We'll see how that turns out. Cheerio!

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