Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Radical New Barber Design

I was penciling a few new Barber pages(yes it is coming back once I have a nice buffer) and I was suddenly hit by some new designs. I've kept The Barber mostly the same from the start and I've always wanted to try some radical redesigns to get the most out of the character. So I started with these:

A little different in the head shape, kind of a sterner look. Then I got this crazy idea and ran with it:

I mean, yes, it was always assumed he had eyes, but I originally wanted a more graphical look, so I kept the white glasses look. But this, this is so very different. It just completely changes the character. I also added detail to his head, changed up the mustache, and defined his jawline more.
I'm still working on it, and it's different from what I was doing, but honestly it's closer to the character design I want to be drawing. I can save the no eyes version for more graphical pages anyways. But for now, aw man is this cool.

Also, deserts!

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