Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ahead of the sketches(see what I did there)

I just really like this sketch from my review of Delicatessen over at Sketched Screenings. But there's more stuff!

A few weeks ago I said that if I hit 150 fans on twitter I would draw Optimus Prime riding a unicorn. So....
 What did you expect?! It's a 2 story tall robot riding a horse!

Well anyways. Here are some nice trees!

Also some sketches of the denizens that live in the Barber world. Barberland? Barberia? I'll think of something  That is coming back as well! I just don't know when. 

And hey, did you see the new Random Awesome comic drawn by me and colored by Rosanna? Because hey, guess what. New comic. 

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