Friday, September 23, 2011

More crazy noir

Well hello there! Did you expect to see more sketches on a friday night? Well you're gettin' them all the same!

I really liked the idea of that robot detective, so here's a more designed out sketch of him, his uptight partner, and some sort of robo-gangster. I also like the idea that maybe these are organic robots and metal, organs and clothing are all somehow fused into one.  He's metal on the outside, but he can still bleed and feel emotions, but also he can press a button and instantly change his clothing. 

Almost an evil alien Watson with gills and claws, and a bored looking space damsel. 

I like doing funny expressions and I need to work on my extreme characteristics. Also, bug with a mustache. Didn't see that comin' did you? 

I also just finished my review of Drive over at Sketched Screenings! Here's the original illustration before I switched it around:
For the final draft I flipped the lady around so they were staring at each other. Halfway through inking, I realized leaving it like this made it look like she wanted to be with him but he was scorning her, which is actually the opposite of the move. Interesting what a difference it makes, no?

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