Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fat cat and friends

I have done More sketches! So many sketches this week! 
I made a card for my aunt with a character called Fat Cat and these are some sketches of him. It took awhile to get it down, but I really like the design.

I'm trying to get a cmic together with Rosanna Rodriguez so we spent the day sketching. We're trying to do something with noir, but maybe also with space/sci-fi/steampunk/aliens/alternate dimensions. We're still working it out, but anyways, here are a few designs of a possible robot detective. I really like his prominent nose. What would a robot need a nose for?!

Here are some various damsels, ladies, and femme fatales drawn from imagination. I love me some ladies!

And some otherworldly noir-ian residents.  I like the idea of detectives and regular joes in bowler derbys that happen to be unimaginable alien monstrosities. 

And then some random faces and a foot. I've started to enjoy drawing feet. They're all feety and stuff.

And hey, did you guys know that there's a friggin' SUPER NEW Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl comic up? Because there totes is. They be back yo.

And hey again, there's a sexy new review of Contagion over at Sketched Screenings! I'm actually pretty proud of both the review and the illustration. Let's hope the same will go for Drive.

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