Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekly Wednesday WebDump

Catchy, no? This is getting to be a habit. Maybe I should just shoot for updating on Wednesdays? Well anyways, sketches galore! And naked chicks. Because hey, why not.
 While watching the completely awesome new Avengers cartoon, I sketched Black Widow, and what started as a robot and ended as a strange version of Ironman. More after the jump!

Been playing Arkham Asylum, finally. Here's Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze! Mr. Freeze, you so skinny, eat a cheeseburger for crap sakes.
Just some random heads from random photographs across the interwebs.

The internet has become my figure drawing class. I'm trying a new thing in which I analyze the parts of people and junk.

I did a review of Captain America: The First Avenger over at Sketched Screenings, and a nifty Captain America poster which you should also check out. I'll also be doing a Red Skull poster for a sketched discussion later today or Friday, so look out for that. But for now, here are some sketches of the two figures side to side!

There will be a Barber update later today, but no Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl. As I sad in the RPD blog, I'm taking a short Hiatus from the comics, while I assess the styles and figure out ways to do them better and faster. I've been super busy with other projects these past few weeks, and I'm hoping in a couple of weeks I won't be so busy.

But since I won't be doing comics, I'm going to try sketching everyday, so hopefully there will be more than a weekly blogpost!

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