Wednesday, July 20, 2011

batman and friends

So this is what has become the weekly sketchdump.

After finishing reading Batman:Year One, I was like, "Screw you paper! I'ma draw batman on you!" And so I did. It's not the hero paper deserves, but the hero paper needs. More sketches after the jump!

Here's just a silly sketch of Catwoman. I'm not sure why she's all huffy here. Maybe because her zipper is stuck?
And here's another skinny spider sketch. I don't quite love it yet, but I'm on the right track. I'm not sure why it works for Skottie Young and not me.
Random girl I saw on a website! NOT THAT KIND OF WEBSITE. This kind! I might be obsessed with blogs that have noiry pictures. I may have a problem. Call a doctor. Also, I really like girls with pronounced jaw lines.

These are some practice sketches I did for my illustration for the review of Deathly Hallows on Sketched Screenings. (Go read it now!) At first I wanted to do something with Harry and Voldemort, but then I was like, psh! As if! Team Longbottom all the way! Seriously. That kid. Got abs. Out of FREAKING nowhere!

A sketch of Goro and Scorpion(or is it Sub-Zero? or Retile? WHO KNOWS?!) from Mortal Kombat. I'm planning on doing a Random Awesome comic with them, but I doubt it will be for this week.  I haven't done one in awhile. I always get ideas for comics, but then I have no time to do them because of work and other comics and I push it to next week and blah blah blah. Anyways, comic coming. Soonish. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of comics, there is a new Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl up at Rocket Powered Dragon if you need a comics fix. AND there will be a new Barber up tomorrow. Jus saying.

Also, I just figured out it's completely possible to have wordpress-esque comic layout on blogspot.  You can see a really good one here(also the comic is cute, funny and well illustrated).  Not that I don't already have enough comics on my plate(and seriously considering hiatusing to regroup), but I just think it's interesting for possible future use.

Also also, I'll be recording a couple new scripts for Radiogame Theatre finally! So hopefully we get all the lines taken care of and sorted, we can get the music and sound effects put in and release them upon the internets somewhere soon!

That's all for now! See you hopefully later in the week with more sketches and links!

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