Monday, August 2, 2010

Dumgens & Draggins 5: The Clothing makes the thief

Yay! Finally got Dumgens and Draggins up! And I'l have a new one up by Thursday!

Yeah, there are a myriad of different outfits to choose from(if you have money and/or can find them in the dungeons) all with varying special abilities. Some of them are kinda useful like one that electrocutes enemies that hit you or has a +10 save on acid, but more times than most you'll go back to your standard armor because it will protect you the most and it takes too much time to switch between them.

And sadly, there's no place to try them on. If you want to see how they look, you have to buy them. Which I guess makes sense because you're buying them primarily for the enhancements, but I still wanna look cool killing things.

And if you think I'm creative enough to come up with these rediculous Awesome costumes, you are sadly mistaken:
Also, an Asassin's Creed joke:

EDIT: Totally just remembered to title this post. I'M SO SMART. I needz a secretary.

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